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20 of January of 2013

Please, if you see this error (Error establishing a database connection)  in your site please let us know to solve it, thank you.

NOTE: Yesterday we had some issues but the problem it’s gone but if you keep having problems email us fangalaxyorg[at]


12 of January of 2013

As you can see our support appearance have changed, actually it’s easy, you just have to enter on fangalaxy and in the bottom of the page you’ll see if we’re online or not, if we’re online just click on the chat and start chatting with us.


I hope you like this support (better than the other) and stay tune because we’ll have new free themes soon.

3 of January of 2013

Happy New Year

Maybe it’s a little bit late but I didn’t have time to update the site, but to all our hostees I have to say thank you to keep your site with us, thank you and enjoy this year and I hope this year will be better than 2012.


Image: VisualsNation

18 of December of 2012

Welcome back to FanGalaxy your free fansite hosting, we have a new design made by SparklyVisuals. The design is AMAZING, well.. Here we are again I hope you like the design and Apply.

Also, we have some news, we have a live chat when you can speak with us directly, we will be like 10 hours a day online so the support it’s better, also we created the tagboard again.


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